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    Smith Ranch Now on its PHASE 5!

    Smith Ranch

    At its meeting on Wednesday, May 12, the Silverthorne Town Council began work on Phase 5 of the Smith Ranch workforce housing area, passing an ordinance on first reading that will guide the town through the project.

    The phase, according to Town Manager Ryan Hyland, is the next stage in finishing what has become “a fantastic success story” in Silverthorne. He stated that work on laying the infrastructure has already begun.

    Locals’ enthusiasm for Smith Ranch is a double-edged sword, according to Hyland, because there is a limited quantity of available units.

    All 60 Phase 1 homes and 37 Phase 2 dwellings are fully occupied, according to planning manager Lina Lesmes. She went on to say that the 28 Phase 3 homes are nearly finished, with 19 closings, and the 22 Phase 4 homes are completely under contract.

    Applications for Phase 5 are expected to open at the end of June and remain open for at least three weeks into July, according to Lesmes. According to Lesmes, the lottery will take place in the middle of August. Ten single-family homes, ten duplex units, and 20 townhome units will be available in the first phase.

    Hyland also mentioned Smith Ranch’s proximity to Trent Park, which is located across Willow Creek to the north of the property. According to him, the town has a plan for Trent Park development that includes a direct connection between the park and Smith Ranch for automobiles and pedestrians.

    “It’s kind of hard to believe we’re getting more toward the tail end of the development, just a few phases to go,” Hyland said. “It seems like we just started, but a lot of folks (are) living in the neighborhood now, and it’s Silverthorne’s newest workforce neighborhood.”

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